Best Beaches to Travel to While in Australia

With Australia’s splendid and jaw-dropping coastline, it is not foreign to have many beaches almost anywhere, yet only some are truly worthy of calling the best. Because of Australia’s geography, there are many existent beaches, which is why we have compiled this list to serve as your guide if you’re still confused about what you should visit on your next travel getaway.

Lizard Island

Situated in Near Cairns, North QLD, the Lizard Island is a dream come true to many trying to find luxury on beaches and accommodation. The coastline view it provides is nothing similar to typical beaches at all. The place is also very open for private reservations, so if you want to have some privacy for the whole duration of your stay, Lizard Island should be your first choice.

Mandalay Beach

Because of Australia’s vastness, many people have overlooked untouched areas such as Mandalay Beach. It has so many hidden gems that are far more stellar than the other options. Chatham Island further solidifies the claim that Mandalay Beach is one of the best selections in the market, with its marvelous scenery and awe-inspiring ambiance.

Byron Bay

One exciting and most appealing sight to look forward to when in Australia is a lighthouse located in Cape Byron. Couple that with the gentle and welcoming bay, and you got yourself a worthwhile vacation. The Byron Bay is also widely known for its powder-like sand that is a once in a lifetime experience, too important to miss.

Noosa Main Beach

The Noosa Main Beach is an exquisite creation of nature because of its breathtaking environment and unbelievable golden sands. Besides enjoying the waters, visitors may also have a chance to get in touch with some dolphins situated on the main beach itself.

Noosa Main Beach’s popularity is also primarily caused by its warm and delightful climate, allowing for everyone to visit the location at any time of the year. Surrounding the beach are also shops and restaurants that are worthwhile downtimes while on vacation.

Burleigh Heads

The majority of Australia’s beaches aren’t fit for surfing and other water activities, but Burleigh Heads defies this scenario by having near perfect conditions for the said activities. Aside from providing an enjoyable and wholesome beach experience with friends and families, Burleigh Heads can provide leisure with its many dining establishments.

Australia is a vibrant location for traveling and entertainment, and all these beaches mentioned are certified to provide the best value.

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