3 Ways Locksmiths Can Come to Your Rescue

It was believed that locks were invented around 4,000 years ago somewhere in the area of Ancient Egypt. Along with it was the profession of being a locksmith. For thousands of years, we have been ensured of our safety and security thanks to them. From padlocks to deadbolts and today’s keyless digital locks, locksmiths have been improving on their craft and even harnesses technology to stay updated. But a profession this old is also met by problems that are as old too— getting locked out (or in depending on your situation!) Whether if you lost your key or forgot your passcode, this kind of problem is just the worst.

Getting locked out from your house or car is frustration as old as locks have been made. “Where are the best locksmiths near me?” you might ask, as you force yourself to open your car door or house gate. You may typically call a locksmith in Sydney to help you out and there a quite a few common methods that they would assist you. It depends on the situation and the kind of lock being dealt with. 

Bolt cutters

We’ve experienced this in various situations and on television when storage locker contents are sold for auction. The art of bolt cutting. Interestingly, in some states like California, bolt-cutters are illegal to carry. A locksmith would usually do this to snap off the arm of a padlock. It’s a very effective tool in cracking something open that is why certain restrictions and rules come along with it. 

Dismantle and replace

The Yellow Pages online list around 50 plus locksmiths in Sydney. That’s handy information in case you get locked out of your house. Door knobs are also locks. They’re just attached to the door. And when this happens, it is a major frustration for anyone. Easily losing your keys or leaving them somewhere could deny you precious access to your home. In this scenario, should lock picking fail, locksmiths would try to dismantle your doorknob. If there is a deadbolt, they might even need to dismantle the door itself! It’s more expensive because it entails full replacement.

Going keyless

If you’re the type who keeps losing keys then a locksmith can also help you go keyless. The wonderful thing with technology is that it has indeed made locks smarter. Without the aid of keys, users can just input a password or use their biometrics to gain access to their property. An example of this is the expensive Otto where a “safe-like” knob is used to turn the numbers until you input your passcode. Quite revolutionary since its 4,000-year-old beginnings!

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