About Me

Food will always go hand in hand with traveling, and every location, mainstream or not, has its best or must-try selections. That is why I, Spess, and my husband Holland are on a journey to uncover all the secrets in the world of food and travel.

We have been married for 12 years, and we have been traveling together even before we tied the knot. Given these numbers, we think that we have enough chemistry and knowledge to touch on this topic, and aside from that, we are very eager to help more people who are also interested in this topic.

We are based in Gold Coast Australia; however, this doesn’t mean that our blog’s content will be limited to our residence alone. Traveling is about discovering new things, and we’re up to the task of bringing you the latest scoop and what places we thought are worth sharing.

Many people say that traveling is a luxury, and while it is indeed the truth, you should keep in mind that traveling is a luxury everyone should have. The majority of those that are interested are scared of trying because of the expenses tied within. However, these expenses can be drastically lowered if you take some time filtering. Given that everyone doesn’t have the time to do such things, our blog comes in to help and save the day!

For food selections and recommendations, things can get a bit subjective. However, we will still say our honest opinions about the meals and dishes that we have come across. Food recommendations are compelling, and we know this responsibly positively, and we use that as a motivation to deliver only the best and engaging content.

For the content to look forward to, you should expect to see travel guides, tours, location reviews, food recommendations, and many more! We might also cover some restaurants or diners that we think are worthy of your time. You can use our blog as a direct guide or reference safely because we care about your experience and enjoyment more than anything else!

We look forward to our interactions with all of you, and if any of you have questions, feel free to reach out in our contact channels. Discussions are also positively encouraged, and we will do our best to respond to all your queries. Once again, this is Spess and Holland, and we hope that you enjoy our content.